Our filter device removes pornography and unwanted ads
and can speed up your internet by as much as 30 percent

NiftyNS Device

Introducing the NiftyNS Device

Built from a Raspberry Pi 3, the NiftyNS device fits the bill by providing a safe internet environment for you and your family.

Regardless of your stage in life, help protect those who come into your home. It is so worth the initial effort and cost.

NiftyNS Device Features

If you love the internet but do not want the garbage that comes with it, this is the device for you.

Removes Pornography

Pornography is blocked for everyone on your network, regardless of age - moms, dads, kids, and frien.ds. You're welcome.

Blocks Ads

Our stats show that ads take about 30% of your bandwidth. We block the ads and give you back this bandwidth.


block websites on a schedule. Nifty tip: block youtube.com after 11pm and watch your kids go to bed earlier ;)

Charts and Graphs

View browsing history on your computer or smartphone, in multiple ways and displayed neatly on charts and graphs.

No Monthly Cost

Once you buy a NiftyNS device there is no monthly cost. The device resides in your home on your network.

Plug and Play

setting up the NiftyNS device is easy. There are 6 simple steps to have your device up and running.

About The Founder

Steve has spent many years designing, building, tinkering and producing solutions to help solve problems both in business and at home.

Words that describe Steve: forward thinker, logical, geek, determined, entrepreneur, helpful, loves to serve others, punster, clown, goofy, good, honest, real, enthusiastic, ambitious, approachable, open-minded, dedicated, successful, dependable, hard-working, self motivated, creative thinker, fun-loving, service-oriented, huge goof ball, happy, devoted, dependable, gentle soul, mentor, patient, fair, Ingenious, Creative and Hard Working

Founder and CEO - Steve Lloyd

We enable safe browsing experiences.

There is so much good on the internet - if only you could remove the junk. We have done just that! Judge for yourself or read what other customers are saying.

Stories of Success

The best testimony of a good product is how it performs - show us the results.

"I have four daughters and do not have to worry about them.
Love it!"

Pleasant Grove, Utah

"The tool we've been looking for to help keep our family safe.
Two words - IT WORKS!"

Cedar Hills, Utah